Past Mistakes

My Old Friend

Debt.  Something I loved, cherished even.  I would hold debt in my hand and stroke its back, and say “good debt, you are a good little debt”.  We were BFF’s.  Debt was so nice, it would pay for my meals, take me places, buy me gifts.  Little did I know, Debt wanted it all back, and with interest.

Now I can’t stand it.  I want it out of my life.  I want to crush it’s little head in.  But, I do have a history with debt and every now and then still have a desire to take debt back.  So, I am a work in progress.  I still struggle.  I still need a slap on the wrist sometimes.

Hook, Line and Sinker

Me and credit have a history.  It all started with that darn college credit card table.  “Come on up and fill out a credit card application and get a free candy bar.”  WHAT A DEAL!  I think that 100 Grand bar, just seriously cost me 100 grand.  Who cares.  I was hooked.

I quickly learned how easy swiping a card was.  I really believed that buying things on a credit card was an awesome deal.  I would think to myself “I guess I will charge that new computer that I don’t need because my minimum payment is only going to rise $20 per month.  I can pay that.  That’s easy.  Anyone can come up with $20.”  I had no desire to pay the card off.  I would frequently ask for a credit limit increase and of they would give it to me.

From credit cards, I moved into cars.  I think I owned more cars in the first 5 years out of college than my parents had their entire lives.  Of course, taking out the full 5 year loan with no down payment.  Ah, go ahead and throw a extended warranty on there for good measure.

Did I mention I went through college on student loans?  I even had a private room in the best dorm with the best meal plan.  Did I need that?  Could I have saved money by having a roommate?  Definitely.  But I wanted it, and I made myself believe that it was ok because I didnt have to think about repaying it until I was out of college.  I was living day to day, and not looking at the future.

So, you can see how quickly this can add up.  I was in a hole, and my shovel was not big enough to dig my way out.

The worst part is I brought this pile of garbage into my marriage.  My wife was virtually debt free.  She didn’t help create it, but now she is stuck helping it go away.  It has been a strain on our marriage to say the least.  All the more reason to kick it out the door.

Get me out of here!

Things are a ch-ch-ch-changin’.  I now despise debt.  I have gone so far I hate buying things (which drives my wife crazy).  “What?  The kids have holes in the heels of their socks?  Just flip them over.”  That is the new me.  Have I gone overboard, yes.  But, I think it is going to be for the better.  I have to keep my mind focused on the end prize.  Hopefully I don’t drive to many people crazy on the way there.

Thanks for reading,

The Debt Whisperer

Teaser Photo Attribution: By Andres Rueda


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