My Father the Superhero

Sunday is Father’s Day.  I learned a lot of things from my dad over the years.  You know. How to change the oil in the car.  How to wire an outlet.  How to catch a fish.  Guy stuff.

But this blog is about money.  So, I thought I would write a quick thought on what I learned from my dad in regards to money.

When I was growing up, my dad worked long hours.  He worked the night shift.  So while he was asleep, we were awake.

As a police officer that worked nights, I actually didn’t see him all that much, which kind of gave him the super hero persona.

When I would get home from school he was just waking up for the day.  He would come out of “the bat dad cave” already with his uniform on.  We would have a little bit of time together and eat dinner.

When the time came, he would put his hand on his hips, cape flapping in the wind, and he would sing “Here I come to save the day”.  Woosshh, off to catch the criminal masterminds of our time.

I might have embellished that a bit but you get the idea.

I think at one point we thought about putting a phone booth directly in the living room for quick changes.

So what does that have to do about money?  A lot.

Hard work.  Sacrifice.  Perseverance.  Those are terms that I now associate with money thanks to dad.

Not greed, envy and selfishness.

He wasn’t working those hours so we could have the most up-to-date electronics or eat at elaborate restaurants.  It wasn’t so we could fly around the world or have the latest greatest Nike sneakers.

He sacrificed his time with my sisters and I so that our mother could stay home and take care of us.

By sacrificing his time, we gained time with mom.

I knew he got paid more to work nights.  I knew when he worked second jobs as security on the weekends or took the overtime it was so my mom didn’t have to work.

So, you might say he did it out of love.

Out of love for my mom.

Out of love for us.

Sure, it would have been nice to have him around in the evenings and more on the weekends.

Now that I am older I have learned some things.  I see why he did it.

Life is not all play.  There are responsibilities that must be taken care of.

The care of your family and doing what is best for them is top priority, even if it means sacrifice.  That is what a real man does.

My dad is a real man.

A Real American Hero.

Thanks Dad

Anyone else have a hero of a dad?  Post a comment.

Teaser Photo Attribution By: Nisha A


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