A Deal that Helps Me Sleep at Night

I have had an aching back for over six months.  Each morning I wake, looking strikingly more and more like Quasimodo.

It is always horrible when I first get out of bed and then after about ten minutes of standing up, the pain goes away for the rest of the day.  It repeats this process every morning.

After trying different ways to elevate the pain, I came to the conclusion that it was our mattress.  So…

Time for a new mattress.

Picking out a mattress sounds about as fun as watching paint dry.

Maybe I am out of touch and mattress shopping is all the rage because I witnessed four, yes FOUR, mattress stores on the way home today.  I only noticed two groceries.  Does that mean mattresses are more important than nourishment?  When your back hurts like mine did the answer is a simple, you betcha!

We narrowed it down to three styles.

  1. Spring mattress
  2. Sleep Number mattress.
  3. Memory Foam mattress.

With the spring mattress the thought arrises “We have one of those.  Kind of the reason we are looking for a new mattress”.  There is a pretty good chance we would be right back in the same situation.  It would probably need to be replaced again in the not so distant future.  My back hurts just thinking about it.

How about the Sleep Number Bed?  I am sure these beds are lovely.  They have a nice reputation.

What if I find out I am a number 85 and my wife is a 45?  “I didn’t know we were so different” she might say.  See where that could lead?  I have to play it safe.

Sleeping on air makes me nervous anyway as I have had bad experiences sleeping on blow up air mattresses.  Yes, I know they are not the same.  But it still worried me.

Plus the price was painfully expensive.  Slightly more painful than the scene in the movie ‘Misery’ where Paul Sheldon gets hobbled.

And the winner is…Memory Foam.

After shopping around you can spend thousands on one of those, especially if you are buying a king size which we were.  Notice I said you “can”.  That is not how the Debt Whisperer rolls though.

I had to find a deal on this bed of squishiness.  Yes, just to prove to you that I can.

Here is when the awesomeness of this story will be told.

We found a brand spanking new Comfort Dreams Select-a-comfort (we went with medium firmness) king size 11″ thick memory foam mattress for $450 on Overstock.com.

Shipping was $2.95.  That is not a typo.  FOR A KING MATTRESS!  TO OUR DOOR!

Also, no sales tax.

Can it get any better?

So, we get this thing.  It is all smashed down and rolled up like a burrito.  I take off the plastic wrap and this thing springs to life.

It started growing.

In a matter of moments the king size mattress appeared in all its glory.

You know what?  Falling into bed while the wine glass sits there without falling over is TRUE!

This thing was quality.  Just because it didnt have the brand name Tempur-Pedic meant nothing.  I can’t see how Tempur-Pedic would be any better.  Maybe a better warranty, but come on, I saved like a biz-zillion dollars.

To make things even sweeter.  We sold our old queen mattress in our yard sale for $75.

Applying that cash to the new bed and we upgrade to the new mattress for $375.

You have to admit that is a good deal.

The best part is.  No more back pain.

Sleep tight,

The Debt Whisperer

Teaser Photo Attribution By:  Eric__I_E


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