The Budget is your Friend

I can’t think of something more vital to your finances than a budget.  Think of it as a roadmap to your success.  Telling you which way to turn, and how to reach your destination.  Where the hazards are and how to avoid them.

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A Deal that Helps Me Sleep at Night

I have had an aching back for over six months.  Each morning I wake, looking strikingly more and more like Quasimodo.

It is always horrible when I first get out of bed and then after about ten minutes of standing up, the pain goes away for the rest of the day.  It repeats this process every morning.

After trying different ways to elevate the pain, I came to the conclusion that it was our mattress.  So…

Time for a new mattress.

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My Father the Superhero

Sunday is Father’s Day.  I learned a lot of things from my dad over the years.  You know. How to change the oil in the car.  How to wire an outlet.  How to catch a fish.  Guy stuff.

But this blog is about money.  So, I thought I would write a quick thought on what I learned from my dad in regards to money.

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Cutting the Cord

Immediately after getting engaged I moved into an apartment.  It was to be our first place together.

Some of the first things I did were get the electric and gas in our name.  Set up trash service, etc.  You know, the important things one needs to do when moving into a new residence.  This also included cable tv.  I thought premium cable was very important.

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2 are better than 1

Ask and you shall receive.  I sent an email to my mortgage company asking if they have any programs allowing me to pay my monthly mortgage payment bi-weekly.

They said yes, and sent me a form to fill out.

I don’t know why they just didnt offer this plan when I closed on our house.  Probably because they will lose a lot of interest and wanted to keep it a secret.

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Past Mistakes

My Old Friend

Debt.  Something I loved, cherished even.  I would hold debt in my hand and stroke its back, and say “good debt, you are a good little debt”.  We were BFF’s.  Debt was so nice, it would pay for my meals, take me places, buy me gifts.  Little did I know, Debt wanted it all back, and with interest. Continue reading