The Budget is your Friend

I can’t think of something more vital to your finances than a budget.  Think of it as a roadmap to your success.  Telling you which way to turn, and how to reach your destination.  Where the hazards are and how to avoid them.

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2 are better than 1

Ask and you shall receive.  I sent an email to my mortgage company asking if they have any programs allowing me to pay my monthly mortgage payment bi-weekly.

They said yes, and sent me a form to fill out.

I don’t know why they just didnt offer this plan when I closed on our house.  Probably because they will lose a lot of interest and wanted to keep it a secret.

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Past Mistakes

My Old Friend

Debt.  Something I loved, cherished even.  I would hold debt in my hand and stroke its back, and say “good debt, you are a good little debt”.  We were BFF’s.  Debt was so nice, it would pay for my meals, take me places, buy me gifts.  Little did I know, Debt wanted it all back, and with interest. Continue reading


We are about to begin the process of kicking our debt upside the head and taking you along for the ride.  So, why would you want to follow this blog?  The main answer is I hope that we can inspire you in some way to take the necessary actions to do the same.  Getting out of debt is going to change our lives for the better, and we believe it will for you too.  Also, isnt nice to know someone has a mountain of debt just like you? Continue reading